Crockpot Orange Chicken

Today’s healthy recipe for sweet, juicy Crockpot Orange Chicken is your easy answer to “What’s for dinner?” Now, can someone pretty please come over and help me choose a color for our kitchen cabinets?

Skinny Crockpot Orange Chicken – WAY BETTER than Panda Express! EASY, healthy recipe made with orange juice and honey. Your slow cooker does the work to make this simple, skinny meal! Recipe at | @wellplated

Repainting our late 1980s heavy oak cabinets a clean, creamy white has been a dream of mine since we moved into our home nearly three years ago. We finally decided to make the commitment, headed to the hardware store to pick out our paint, and guess what? There are 85 MILLION shades of “white.” I am positive this number is accurate because we have a paint chip for every single one of them strewn across our kitchen counter.

While we were the paint store, “Alabaster,” “Roman Column,” and “Marshmallow” all seemed unique. Back at home, held up against our countertops and floor? Not so much. On Monday night, I jokingly told Ben that we should toss all of the paint chips into an empty pillowcase, close our eyes, and pick. Three days later, that option is starting to feel viable.

Along with the kitchen cabinets, we’ve been tackling other larger home projects, to the extent that our weekends are starting to feel as busy as weekdays. It’s (mostly) been a lot of fun, but I’ve had less time to cook than usual.

Easy, make-ahead recipes such as this Crockpot Orange Chicken are a complete lifesaver for the days when I have little time to meal prep. The recipe is as simple as pouring everything into the slow cooker, and the results are spectacular. 

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