Crispy Tofu

Let’s talk tofu. If you’ve been scared to try tofu, this Crispy Tofu recipe will be your gateway. If you’ve tried tofu and thought it tasted like a floppy, flavorless blob, this Crispy Tofu will redeem your experience. If you LOVE the deep fried tofu you’ve eaten at restaurants and want an easier, healthier version you can make at home (no frying required), this Crispy Tofu is about to become your most bookmarked recipe.

CRISPY Tofu the EASY way! No baking, pressing, or deep frying required. Use this trick to cook tofu that comes out perfectly every time, and is perfect for all of your favorite stir fries, sauces, and even salads! @wellplated

Before I reveal the two tricks you need to know to make restaurant-quality tofu at home—we’re talking crispy, meaty (yes meaty) cubes of tasty perfection that are ideal for adding to any stir fry, salad, or even pasta—I want you to know that I understand why tofu has its skeptics.

Uncooked (or poorly cooked) tofu has the texture and flavor of a limp, overused kitchen sponge. Ewwwwww.

Properly cooked tofu, however, is positively PACKED with flavor. Its texture is lightly crispy and satisfying. Tofu is a cheap, lean source of protein, and it’s worth trying. Here’s how to make crispy tofu that actually tastes great!

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